School Values and Aims

It is the aim of everyone in St Michael’s to ensure that:

There is a welcoming atmosphere fostering a commitment to a sense of identity and pride in the school.

A strong partnership with parents exists and that we strive to keep parents fully informed and involved in their child’s education.
Every child’s needs are met – intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional, through teaching and learning experiences of the highest standard.

All staff are committed to their ongoing professional development and there is a strong commitment to teamwork amongst staff.

As a Catholic school, Gospel Values permeate throughout all of school life and spiritual formation develops in partnership with the home and parish.

Respect for each other, co-operation, self-discipline and positive attitudes are encouraged. We reach out to develop links with our local community and other agencies and establishments.


The school community has identified the following values which reflect the important principles on which we base all of our decisions:

Self Esteem

Our aims and values were reviewed last session, in order to ensure that they remain central to the work of our school community.

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