In planning the curriculum, the school has followed the principles adopted by Inverclyde Education Department incorporating the new Curriculum for Excellence initiatives. The new curriculum is divided into eight curricular areas.

The curriculum areas are:

• Expressive Arts
• Health and Wellbeing
• Languages
• Mathematics
• Religious and Moral Education
• Sciences
• Social Studies
• Technologies

We recognise that the curriculum must have breadth to satisfy pupils of all ages and abilities. It must also be balanced in terms of coverage of all curricular areas. It is also important that the curriculum is relevant to meet the needs of young people and to equip them to participate fully in the community. The school must also ensure that continuity and progression are maintained so that each stage may build upon the one which preceded it. Education is no longer a passive process for pupils. They are now encouraged to take an active role in a wide range of experiences and make a more positive contribution to their own learning.

The curriculum has to be sufficiently flexible to allow pupils to progress at a rate suitable to their own capabilities. Realistic targets must be set for those pupils who have learning difficulties. We believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to develop his or her own potential regardless of sex, race, colour or personal circumstances and it is the aim of the school to provide the curriculum which will make this possible.

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